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Soul Journey

Rochelle runs a series of workshops, retreats and day events to inspire, shift and release energy. See the upcoming events.

Home Strong

Rochelle offers individual and group family counseling sessions, family constellations and family bereavement sessions. Read more>

Holistic living

Yoga, Holistic Living and Conscious awareness in lifestyle choices. Read more>

Sharing and expressions of gratitude

The energy at the workshop was amazing and I almost felt like I was in a ‘safe place’ away from all the worries in the world. I was in a better space when I left your home yesterday but as an added bonus, last night, I felt unusually happy. I just felt so content with myself and really felt happy. I believe that this is what I needed to remove some obstacles in my life.


Well, I feel so much better inside – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – far more grounded. Seeing you today certainly boosted my overworked resources. Thank you! An invaluable encounter once again with you and Thank you for the healing session as I feel a shift within my solar plexus. Lots of love.


Dear Rochelle,  It was a real pleasure to be part of your workshop! Thank you very much. In life , we are always somehow waiting for the Angel crossing our road. My life experience is a wonderful example. The emotions, the love and compassion I felt yesterday were not measurable . . . universe size!.When I met you last year , you were “another” woman then I met you again, and thank you the light is there so close to me. My spirit is lift up again and forever.

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