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Soul Journey Cooking Retreat

13th – 15th February


Self Mastery Retreat

13th – 15th April


Soulful Goddess Retreat

30th Aug – 2nd Sept


Reconnect and Renew Retreat

30th Nov – 02nd Dec


Dolphin Retreat

20-24TH MARCH 2019


Breathe of Life Retreat

To be confirmed


Home Strong Retreat

To be confirmed


Conscious Couples

To be confirmed


Dearest Rochelle, for too long I have lived my life for others and very much in a masculine way. With your love and support and magnificent Feminine Wisdom retreat I am able to see myself as the beautiful brave woman that I am becoming. We came together as a group of strangers but left as sisters and goddesses. I would really like to say to all the wonderful women out in the world, “if you have lost your feminine essences or need to find your truth, attend Rochelle’s women retreats because you will definitely experience her love, support and guidance. Rochelle I truly feel so blessed and special to be guided by you, the beautiful goddess that you are.


Thank you so much for this sacred rebirth and special weekend. I have been opened to receive and my dear Soul is in Bliss.


Dear Rochelle. Just a quick note to say Thank you so much for the most amazing transformative goddess retreat. The location, the food and itinerary were perfect and I left a new woman literally. The healing that took place was profound and the opportunity to transform with the most beautiful women was a privilege. I shall be recommending this to many of my female friends and patients as a way of profound healing and connecting to our feminine truth in such a hectic male dominated world. Thanku Thanku Thanku –  I am a renewed blessed woman.


Words cannot explain the experience that I went through on this feminine wisdom retreat. It is the best gift I have ever been  given that I allowed myself to receive. I feel rejuvenated, strengthened, healed and supported by the Universe. I met the most wonderful sisters and I am also grateful for that. I am encouraging every woman who needs healing on anything to attend these retreats, it might just be what their soul requires. With those few words, thank you Rochelle for being a wonderful, divinely guided facilitator.


I am Anna. I am 51 years old. The Feminine Wisdom Retreat saved my life and that is not just words. I came back from the Retreat transformed. Rochelle guided us with wisdom and love to let go of that which no longer serves us. She initiated and supported us to acknowledge, accept, be grateful and step into our beautiful feminine truth, power, wisdom, intuition. And through this beautiful journey we also acknowledged each other as the goddesses we are. I have new purpose in life, new energy. I am forever grateful for this Retreat. Namaste.


A mind-blowing experience, I feel so blessed to have been gifted an amazing journey. I was lost and now I am found after the retreat. Rochelle has given me tools to help me face difficulties in my life. This retreat has also brought me close to a family that I have lost, the ladies on this retreat were amazing and I could not have asked for such a divine loving group. Thank you Rochelle.


The Feminine Wisdom retreat was an amazing experience.  It allowed me to view myself objectively with love and beyond the continuous judgements that I always have towards myself.  It was a blessing to be able to share with amazing women and to learn and grow from each other.  The retreat helped me become aware of and accept my inner beauty and also that I am where I am meant to be and that all is as it should be.  Thank you Rochelle for giving women the space to learn, grow and heal and for the love, support, guidance and encouragement. Namaste.


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