“Good Values, Confidence, Ambition and Love begins at Home”

Through her own life experience, guiding many families over the years and through psychic guidance; Rochelle is passionate about assisting families to resolve any problems, restore happiness and grow together the best way they can. In the complexity of life with all the stress, negative influences and personality differences; there is a valuable benefit to receive guidance and the necessary tools to build a positive and holistic life together as a family. Sandpaper moments of friction are often good as it smoothes any rough edges and refines the surface, polishing us to shine. Being real and transparent is a difficult task for most people, however with the facilitation and trusted comfort of a counselor, there is a platform of support to face these insecurities.

Rochelle offers individual and group family counseling sessions, family constellations and family bereavement sessions. Email admin@rochellemiller.co.za

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